Mobile and Web Application Development

Developing state of art mobile and web applications is a process that requires a lot of planning, analysing, communication, developing and testing. It is a software engineering process based on best practices and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that aims to deliver high quality software. A high-quality software is the one that is easy to use by clients, including the novice ones. Using old SDLC or not following best practices in software development would lead to failure of software, and this includes but not limited to failing to complete the development tasks within the budget and time or producing a software that does not satisfy the clients´┐Ż requirements, hence client would stop using it. We are here at OctetCarbon ready to help you to develop state of art mobile and web application within your budget and time constrains without compromising the software quality. Our mobile and web application development portfolio includes but not limited to:

  • Planning the process of mobile and web applications development on your behalf.

  • Actively engaging you in the process of development to keep you update with the progress as well as the quality of progress that has been made in your application.

  • Developing the mobile and web application that you need using the right technology

  • Conducting usability and security testing of the application. (See our Mobile and Web application testing services).

  • Moving the application from development environment to production environment.

  • Providing technical support to ensure that your application is functioning as intended.

  • Updating your application. Updates includes but not limited to adding new features and applying security patches.

We are Agile. Our DevOps and SecOps team are using Agile mobile and web application development and operating techniques.


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