Mobile and Web Application Consultation

Engaging with developers without having prior knowledge about mobile and web application development can be tricky, time wasting, and money wasting. In fact, there are many businesses and individuals wishing to develop mobile and web applications, but they do not know how to start or how to communicate their requirements to developers. Others find themselves in the middle of development process but do not see significant progress in the work, that they have to cancel the whole work and bear the consequences of loss. In other cases, the developers, i.e., freelances, evade and/or deny their commitments by asking for more money, or stop responding. We are here at OctetCarbon ready to help you not to fall victim of false promises or extra charges made by developers. Our consulting portfolio includes but not limited to:

  • Explain the process of mobile and web application development.

  • Inform you about what sort of documents and artifacts that you should ask developers / freelancers, you contracted with about at each stage.

  • Discuss you concerns about the work done by developers / freelancers, you contracted with.

  • Engaging with developers / freelancers on your behalf to ensure that you get the mobile / web application that you want.

  • Testing the work that has been completed by developers / freelancers on your behalf to assure that you get what you want. (See our Mobile and Web application testing services).

  • Arrange alternatives in case you are not happy with current developers / freelancers.


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